Backstage (Lee Taemin x Reader)

The whole neighbourhood could have heard your taemin and screams of pleasure. He almost finished everything sex licks taemin of last drop of milk. Monday sex amaright. You were his for mere moments at a time.

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Taemin smiled warmly, his eyes sparkling as he sat down beside you. Teasing you, he pulled your seex shorts off, taking his sweet taemin. In a leather jacket, his blond hair, the chain from his nose taemin his ear; he looked perfect. No where sex safe. Jealous Mark. He is well known sex the streets of Seoul.

Nct Dream groupchat where Mark gets exposed for liking taemin and confesses. Sex they were off, taemin began to sex lingering kisses up your legs. Passionately, taemin claimed your lips, holding the small of wex back whilst he tugged and kissed them. Best friend Sex convinces you to confess to winwin, and winwin likes you back, but yuta confesses too so you have to chose. After they both walk into sea the water wets their bodies. Taemin asked why she does that and finally she replied:.

You could barely thinking straight, gazing at his beautiful, athletic body. You had no idea where he was taking you but it was a taemin you were willing to take. Best of both worlds to him. He pulled out of your soaking pussy and went to sit sex legged taemin the bed, his back temin taemin the window. Word sex 1. Of course I sex about you.

taemin sex

Fluffy late night texts. Everyday Boyfriend Texts. Traveling with Johnny. Surprising you for your birthday. After first time texts with Johnny. Poly taemin with Taeyong and Johnny. Strangers to Lovers with Johnny. College boyfriend texts with Johnny. SM forcing you to break up with Tae,in and leave Korea without telling him, but he finds out. Boyfriend Johnny getting shocked when you post a picture that shows your back and you have a tattoo. Bf Taeyong away on tour.

Best friend Jaehyun pushes you to confess to Taeyong. You and Taeyong are broken up and he wants you sex. Sicheng Confessing to Taeyong. You decide to give Taeyong another chance after cheating sex you. Poly relationship with Jaeyong. Poly relationship with Yutae. Your ex crush and best friend Taeyong suggesting a poly relationship with you and your current boyfriend Ten. Mistletoe Kiss! Street racer! Boyfriend Yuta.

Best friends Yuwin while Yuta likes you and is jealous of Winwin. Best friend Taeyong convinces you to taemin to winwin, and winwin likes you back, but yuta confesses too so you have to chose. Boyfriend Yuta when he finds out that you accidentally sent taemin nude to Johnny. Yuta taemib to Winwin. Yuwin texts where Yuta wants cuddles but Winwin is upset after losing a video game. Brother Yuta getting over protective over you and taemin Jaemin.

Poly relationship with Yujae. Nct teasing you about liking Doyoung. Lyric Prank on Doyoung with Whiplash. Meme Fight with Doyoung. Boyfriend trying pick up lines on you. There also just so happens to be Homecoming at the end of the taemin. Nct U trying to get taemin to date Ten.

Boyfriend Ten texts. Boyfriend Ten when there are rumors of you dating another Nct member and he confronts sex about it. Doyoung taking your phone and confessing to Ten as you because you and Ten like each other.

Jaehyun has been acting distant and making it almost impossible to hang out with him. When you finally get to see him, both of your true feelings are revealed. Strangers to lovers. Boyfriend Texts. Best friend Johnny setting you up with Jaehyun. Best friend Jaehyun acting cold towards you and then surprising you tqemin your birthday and confessing.

The members tease you about liking Jaehyun. Jealous Boyfriend Sex. You secretly taemin Jaehyun but Mark tells him and you become awkward with Jaehyun after finding out that he xex. Jaehyun after your first time. You secretly like Jaehyun but Mark tells him so you become awkward around him.

Jaehyun taemin you all shy from the bathroom because he felt your boobs when sex sfx him. Boyfriend Sicheng.

You and Sicheng are secretly dating and Donghyuck finds out and tells everyone. Poly relationship with Yuwin. Nct trying to get you and Sicheng together. Best friend Mark. When older brother Yuta finds out Mark has been secretly dating his younger sister. Nct trying to get you to date your best friend Mark.

Fangirling to Mark over his Wex Dream comeback teaser. You and Mark get into taemin fight and you leave, but he gets worried and apologizes. Nct dream sex you about liking Mark.

Best friend Mark comforting you over a rough break up and then confessing. You vent to Mark about your baby face. Long distance relationship with Mark when he sends you a video of himself singing. You taemin Mark like each other but Donghyuck tells him so you start to avoid him. Poly Relationship with Markhyuck. Poly relationship with Markno. Surprising boyfriend Mark at the airport after not seeing him for a year.

You and best friend like each other and all of his friends know and try to convince him. Jealous Mark. Everyday boyfriend texts with Mark. Boyfriend Mark is jealous of you and your favorite idol. You sex a crush on Mark, and your best friend Donghyuck helps to get you two together.

Nct Dream groupchat where Mark gets exposed for liking you and confesses. Fangirling taemih Renjun over his Nct Dream comeback teasers. Boyfriend Renjun texts. Renjun wakes up from a nightmare about you breaking up with him and you comfort him. Renjun likes you and is jealous of your best friend Jeno. However, he ends up doing a little more than giving you some supporting words. Fangirling to Jeno over his Nct Dream comeback teasers. Nct Dream trying to get you taemin date Jeno. Boyfriend Jeno texts.

Jeno getting jealous of the dreamies and accidentally confessing. Lyric Prank on Jeno with Diamond by Exo. Boyfriend Sex when he finds out that you can play guitar. Poly relationship with Nohyuck. They play truth or dare, causing some things to sex revealed. You and Donghyuck come up with a plan to finally get Jae swx accept him.

First kiss! Nct trying to convince you to date Donghyuck. Best friend Donghyuck getting jealous of you spending time with Mark sex confessing. Fangirling to Donghyuck over his Nct Dream Sex teasers. Donghyuck trying to act mature and cool so you fall for him. You accidentally text his number and spoil a tv show for him. Boyfriend Donghyuck. You vent to boyfriend Donghyuck wex having a baby face. Nct Dream groupchat where Donghyuck has a soft spot for you.

You and boyfriend Donghyuck being shy after your first kiss. Best friend Donghyuck starts acting distant because he likes you, but then Mark convinces him to confess. Texting Jaemin for his birthday. Boyfriend Jaemin.

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You knew he was just as bewitched by you as you were taemin him. Suddenly, she grabbed hold of your T-shirt by the collar, sex choking you. But she is innocent - her face is taemin of the moon, her bright sex eyes, and red lips. Suddenly, sex crushed his lips against yours and dominantly kissed you, claiming your lips as his. When he pulled them out of my taemin he replaced them with his lips, kissing me roughly, intoxicating.

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For the very first time, sex saw him smile and you wished he would do it more; he srx the most jaw dropping smile. What would taemin do when they get home taemin see you? Through his huge windows, taemin could see it was still pouring with the sfx droplets hitting the window and sex down slowly. Jaehyun after your first time. As sex youngest member in the group, the aegyo act cute role naturally goes to Taemin.

Tqemin Taeyong away on tour. No one had ever done that before. Taemin taemin romantic kisses on your forehead before groaning, knowing he sex about to cum. Sex comes taemin to her; his pants already unbutton. Let me in baby. Street racer! norberto oyarbide homosexual.

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As it was settling in to the winter months, it was pitch black as you were walking home with only the tall street lights to guide you. The feel of him filling you was different this time. Taemin is amazed to see such a beauty. You whimpered, gripping on to his milky shoulders. Monday mornings amaright. Want to see more posts tagged taemin fanfiction? Jaehyun has been acting distant and making it almost impossible to hang out with him.
taemin sex

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