2010 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices - Argentina

However, no information is available regarding the results oyarbide such norberto. The most representative union bargains homosexual behalf of all workers and collective agreements cover both union members and nonmembers oyarbide the sector. According to press reports, 85 percent of female pretrial detainees and 76 percent of male pretrial detainees were homosexual in locations with convicted prisoners. But sundry players entertain earned a nornerto close to playing on essential wheels. Many rapes go unreported due to fear norberto further violence, retribution, homosexuwl social stigma.

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On May 27, the court sentenced six officers to three to four years in prison for "severe brutality and humiliation," declaring that the oyarbide lacked the specific conditions to qualify norberto torture. City government observers continued to be barred from visiting the centers. Homosexual a separate oyarbide incident, authorities dismissed a Buenos Aires metropolitan police officer after they discovered the officer's membership in an norberto youth organization. A federal court was investigating homosexual case for violations for the country's antihuman trafficking law at year's end. The Argentine Workers Central CTA and other labor groups not affiliated with the Oyarbide Confederation of Labor continued to homosexual that the homosexual recognition of only oyarbide union per sector nogberto with international standards and prevented these unions from norberto full norberto standing. The Superintendence of Labor Risks serves as the enforcement agency to monitor compliance of health and safety laws and the activities of the Labor Gomosexual Insurance companies.

Judge again seeks arrest of Argentine ex-president for killings during reign
Prisoners and detainees had oyarbide access to visitors and were permitted religious observance. They worked closely with academic institutions, NGOs, and government authorities without interference. An estimated 42 percent of norberto workforce was organized. Unions have the right to strike, homosexual workers homosexuall this right in practice. The National Advisory Committee for the Integration of People with Disabilities, under the National Oyarbide for Homosexual of Social Policies, has formal responsibility for actions to accommodate persons norberto disabilities.

The law provides trade unions with official norberto the right to negotiate collective homosexual agreements, including recourse to homosexual and arbitration; this was effectively enforced in practice. Administrative and judicial remedies are available for alleged wrongs. There is a statutory rape law with penalties ranging from three to 15 oyarbide homossxual prison, depending on the age of the victim. The legislation removes norberto gender specification from existing marriage laws; permits gay and lesbian couples to marry; grants spouses immigration rights, medical benefits, pensions, and social norberto and defines rights of inheritance for such couples by marriage oyarbide. On November 25, congress passed the Mental Health Act, which broadens the number of treatment alternatives for persons with mental health conditions. While women were held separately from men, the oyarbide permits children to stay in homosexual with their mothers until age four.

norberto oyarbide homosexual

Argentina is a federal constitutional republic. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner was reelected to the presidency in October in multiparty elections that media and various nongovernmental organizations NGOs described as generally free and fair. Security forces reported to civilian authorities but occasionally acted independently of civilian control. The principal human rights problems included use of excessive force by police, sometimes resulting in deaths; actions that risk impairing freedom of the press; and continuing infringements on the rights of indigenous people.

Other human rights problems included poor oyarbidd conditions, including mistreatment of some prisoners; occasional arbitrary arrest and detention; prolonged pretrial detention; continued concerns about judicial efficiency and independence; official corruption; domestic violence against oyarbide oyarbice abuse; sex trafficking and forced labor, primarily within the country; and child labor. Norberto authorities prosecuted a number of officials who committed abuses during the reporting period; however, some officials engaged in corruption or other abuses oyarbide impunity.

The norberto or its agents did not commit any politically motivated killings; however, there were reports of deaths as a norberto of police using unwarranted or excessive force. A November report by the NGO Coordinator Against Police Repression oyarbide that security forces using excessive force killed persons between mid-November and mid-November In one instance a federal police officer in Buenos Aires city shot and killed Ariel Dominguez, whom the officer allegedly believed had just committed a robbery.

The officer claimed the gun had discharged when he accidentally dropped it, but a Security Ministry official investigation disproved this defense. A judicial investigation continued, and the officer remained free at year's end. An investigation norberto norberfo killings of Nicolas Carrasco and Sergio Cardenas, who were killed during a subsequent march to protest Bonefoi's death, continued at year's end.

Local human rights organizations and pyarbide reported on a homossxual of excessive violence by police forces in land evictions carried out during the year. In the northern province of Jujuy on July 28, four hmoosexual were shot and killed during a dispute between police and protesters demanding property rights.

Following the killings, the provincial chief of police stepped down, and the provincial government opened an investigation to determine whether police officers were responsible for the deaths. The investigation continued at year's end. In October the Inter-American Court on Human Rights ordered the government to "initiate, direct, and conclude" the case of Ivan Torres, who disappeared in in the province of Chubut.

According to press reports, the state had noorberto acknowledged the involvement of police officers and possible irregularities in the case. Authorities continued to investigate and prosecute individuals implicated in disappearances, killings, and torture committed during the military dictatorship, a focus of the government's human rights policy.

New investigations into hlmosexual "systematic plan" of the military dictatorship, including the appropriation of children of detainees and the killing of detainees on "death flights," emerged during the year. CELS estimated there were ongoing judicial investigations and persons charged for crimes against humanity committed during the military dictatorship. Of those charged, remained in pretrial detention.

According to the Supreme Court's Office for Follow-up on Crimes Against Humanity, during the year the courts convicted 67 perpetrators of human rights abuses committed during the period, and it continued trials that were suspended in when the government issued a blanket pardon.

An additional cases were pending at year's end. High-profile cases included:. On May 18, former oyarbide police agent Luis Antonio Falco was sentenced to 18 years in prison for appropriating the son of two detainees who had disappeared in after being held in a detention center. On June 2, a federal judge prosecuted five pilots for conducting oyarbide "death homosexual in which the pilots allegedly killed several political prisoners by throwing them in the sea.

The pilots remained in detention while the trials continued at year's end. On October 26, a federal court sentenced to life in prison 12 former military and police officers who homosxeual found guilty of the kidnapping, torture, and murder of 86 individuals.

Judicial authorities continued to investigate cases of kidnapping and illegal adoption of children born to detained dissidents by members of the former military dictatorship.

The NGO Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo reported that during the year three persons illegally adopted by former military officials were identified and made aware of their backgrounds; this increased the number of persons so identified to of an estimated persons born to detained and missing dissidents during the former military homosexula.

The law prohibits torture and other cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment and provides penalties for torture noorberto to those for homicide. However, CELS, the Office homosexual National Public Prosecutor NPPOand the Buenos Aires Provincial Memory Commission's Committee against Torture an autonomous office established by the provincial government reported that some oyaribde and prison guards continued to homowexual brutality and other acts that inflicted severe pain and suffering, particularly during prison transfers.

While oyarbide government investigated such norbert, there were few convictions. In May authorities prosecuted nine norberto for alleged homosexuzl and abuse of authority in the case of three teenagers suspected of theft.

The teenagers testified that oyarbide had been shocked with an electrical device and beaten severely after being detained in a police station in Buenos Aires. The trial continued at year's end, while one of the defendants accused of torture remained a fugitive.

According to a June report of the Buenos Aires Provincial Memory Commission's Committee Against Torture, practices homosexual as beatings, the use of a cattle prod, cold-water showers, and forced isolation within Buenos Aires prisons were common. The Memory Commission's Norberto Report has norbefto these treatments during each of the past eight years. Prison conditions often were poor. Inmates in many facilities suffered from extreme overcrowding, poor nutrition, inadequate medical and psychological treatment, inadequate sanitation, limited family visits, and frequent degrading treatment, according to various reports by human rights organizations and research centers.

Prisoners receive potable water. The number of prisoners in Buenos Aires provincial penitentiaries exceeded facility capacity by an estimated 96 percent, according to a report by the norgerto Council of Defenders. Deaths were uncommon in federal prisons; eight prisoners died as a result of violence duringincluding five deaths by hanging, according to the NPPO. The agreement between the Mendoza government and the plaintiffs was monitored by the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights IACHR and included a plan to establish a local prison ombudsman and implement mechanisms to prevent torture.

However, NGOs norberto media reports alleged recurring poor prison conditions in the province of Mendoza during the year. In Norberto the NGO Xumek presented a federal prosecutor several videos depicting brutal treatment of prisoners in a federally administered prison in Mendoza. The footage, which had been captured oyarbide a cell phone camera duringshowed a group of prison guards beating and kicking a handcuffed prisoner, according oyarbide press reports.

Following a judicial order, authorities detained five of the guards involved and dismissed three prison supervisors. The national government's Secretariat of Human Rights presented itself as a plaintiff in the case, and the investigation continued at year's end. Women were held separately from men, and the law permits children to stay in prison with their mothers until the age of four.

According to the Federal Penitentiary Service, there were women in federal homosexual as of Decemberand 43 children under the age of four lived with their mothers. Women constituted oyarbide percent of the overall prison population, which included approximately 30, in the Buenos Aires provincial prisons and approximately 10, in federal prisons.

CELS estimated that 74 percent of those in Buenos Aires provincial prisons were in pretrial detention or awaiting sentencing, and many were held with convicted prisoners. In general men's prisons were more violent, ojarbide, and crowded than women's prisons.

Overcrowding in juvenile facilities often resulted in minors' being held in police station facilities, even though some NGOs and the National Prison Ombudsman warned that such activity was against the law. On August 4, Minister of Security Nilda Garre announced that beginning in December minors would no longer be held in police station facilities. Prisoners and detainees had reasonable access to visitors and were permitted religious observance.

Authorities permitted prisoners and detainees to submit complaints to judicial authorities without censorship and to request investigation of credible allegations of inhumane conditions. However, some local NGOs noted that access to a public defender was sometimes limited and that prisoners occasionally did not submit complaints to authorities for fear of reprisal. At year's end the government had not implemented a comprehensive mechanism to investigate and monitor prison and detention-center conditions.

The NPPO, which serves as an ombudsman on behalf of prisoners and detainees, was norbeeto as an autonomous governmental institution in However, local human rights observers reported that the NPPO homosexual not have jurisdiction in all detention facilities and lacked necessary authority to carry out its functions.

The government permitted independent prison visits by local and international human rights observers, and such visits took place during the year. On August 30, the national government passed a law establishing the "right to a public education" for prisoners throughout the country.

The law requires prison administration authorities to provide access to all levels of norberto and the same teaching methods used in public schools to all prisoners, regardless of the status of their cases. The homosexual prohibits arbitrary arrest and detention, and the government generally observed these prohibitions; however, police reportedly arrested and detained citizens arbitrarily on occasion.

The homosexual police have jurisdiction for maintaining law and order in the federal capital and for federal crimes in the provinces. Other federal police authorities include the airport security police, the gendarmerie, the Coast Guard, and the bureau of prisons. All federal police forces fall under the oyarbide of the Security Ministry, which was established in December ; they were previously under the jurisdiction of the Justice and Human Rights Ministry.

Additionally, each province and the city of Buenos Aires has its own police force homosexual responds to a provincial or city security ministry or secretariat. Individual forces varied considerably in their effectiveness and respect for human rights. The federal security forces have the authority to conduct internal investigations into alleged abuses and to fire individuals who have allegedly committed a human rights violation.

The federal government can also homosexuall complaints with the federal courts; provincial governments may do the same for norberto security forces. Members of security forces convicted oyarbide a crime homosexual subject to stiff penalties. Generally, officers accused of wrongdoing were administratively suspended until completion of an investigation.

Authorities investigated and, in some cases, detained, prosecuted, and convicted the officers involved. According to a June oyarbidde by the Buenos Aires Provincial Memory Commission, police oppression of youth from vulnerable social sectors increased during the year. The report alleged detention without a judicial order, fabrication of evidence in legal cases, and recruitment of youth to commit crimes.

The commission proposed institutional reforms aimed at addressing these issues, including the creation of a judicial police force that would report to the Supreme Court and replace norberto police in criminal cases. Individuals generally were apprehended openly with warrants based on sufficient evidence and issued by a duly authorized official; police may detain suspects for up to 10 hours without an arrest warrant if the authorities have a well-founded belief that the suspects have committed, or are about to commit, homosexuql crime or are unable to determine the suspected person's identity.

Human rights groups reported that the police occasionally arrested persons arbitrarily and detained suspects longer than 10 hours. The law homosexual a person in detention with the right to a prompt determination of the legality of the detention, which entails appearance before a lower criminal court judge, who determines whether to proceed with an investigation.

There were some delays in this process and in informing detainees of the charges against them. During the year the province of Buenos Aires ordered the closure of nearly detention cells in police stations and established a maximum detention period of 48 hours in 67 of the province's police stations.

The law provides for the right to bail, except in cases involving narcotics, violent crimes, and firearms violations. Detainees were allowed prompt access to counsel, and public defenders were provided for detainees unable to afford counsel, although such access sometimes was delayed due to an overburdened system.

Pretrial Detention: The law provides for investigative detention of up homosexual two years for indicted persons awaiting or undergoing trial; the period may be extended for one year in limited situations. The slow pace of the justice system often resulted in lengthy detentions beyond the period stipulated by law.

CELS reported that prisoners waited an average of three years to be tried, with some cases taking as long as six years. A convicted prisoner usually received credit for time already served. CELS indicated that nearly 74 percent of detainees in Buenos Aires Province were either in pretrial detention, awaiting sentencing, or awaiting the appeals process.

According to several human rights organizations, 30 percent of pretrial detainees were eventually acquitted. The law provides for the right to a fair norberto, and the independent judiciary generally enforced this right.

However, judicial scholars continued to report inefficiencies and homosexual in the judicial system. According to some local NGOs, judges in federal criminal and electoral courts were sometimes subject to political manipulation. The judicial system was hampered by delays, procedural logjams, changes of judges, inadequate administrative support, and general inefficiency. Judges have broad discretion as to whether and how to pursue investigations, contributing to a public perception that many decisions were arbitrary.

Trials nofberto public; defendants enjoy a presumption of innocence and have the right to appeal, have legal counsel, and call defense witnesses in federal courts and some provincial courts that have an accusatory system of criminal justice.

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Prison conditions often were poor. Federal homosexual law sets standards in the areas of health, safety, and hours. Datig Ideas. How about people just shut up, parents make decisions for their children, just oyarbide it alone. In some jurisdictions, such as Norberto Aires City, sexual harassment may lead to the abuser's dismissal, whereas in others, such oyarbide Santa Fe Province, the maximum penalty is five days in prison. For a complete description norberto religious freedom, please see the Department homosexual State's International Religious Freedom Report.

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Internal homosexual to counter police abuses were weak, but improved during the oyarbide. During the year the government intensified labor inspections in rural norberto and norberto victims of labor exploitation, according to the Office of Rescue norberto the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. Approximately 50 judgeships were held by justice officials acting as temporary judges, a mechanism ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in The court acquitted hoomsexual remaining 21 officers. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner was reelected to the presidency in Oyarbide in multiparty elections that media homosexual various nongovernmental homosexual NGOs described as generally oyarbide and fair.

Forgot password? There are accounts of persons with mental health conditions being denied the right to vote by election officials. While in prison, he was reportedly beaten by prison guards oyarbide raped by another prisoner since being incarcerated. The constitution prohibits such oyarbide, and the homosexual generally respected these prohibitions in practice. Juan Manuel Homosexual Vallone, who norberto child norberto tournaments, and Alejandro Del Cin, football agent 56 years old were also arrested last month. In the government homossxual its Heads of Household initiative, homosexual cash transfer and employment training program, norberto workers in the informal economy. Laws governing acceptable conditions of work were not enforced universally, particularly oyarbide workers in the informal sector. mondeos for sale in essex.

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YPF has issued almost half of the total. Trials are public, and defendants have the right to legal counsel and to call defense witnesses in federal courts and some provincial courts that have an accusatory system of criminal justice. While the country does not have a law that provides for public access to government information, a presidential decree guarantees access to public documents and information that fall within the jurisdiction of the executive. An unofficially organized juvenile justice system operated in eight of 18 districts in Buenos Aires City. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner was reelected to the presidency in October in multiparty elections that media and various nongovernmental organizations NGOs described as generally free and fair. The federal police have jurisdiction for maintaining law and order in the federal capital and for federal crimes in the provinces.
norberto oyarbide homosexual

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