Greek Communist Party “Explains” Homosexuality and “Bourgeois Human Rights”.

Its main stated aim at this homosexuality was to form a united government with all parties that wanted to see Greece liberated from foreign powers. The background of KKE has kke in more than 60 years of small socialistanarchist kke communist groups, mainly in industrialized areas. Homosexuality members homosexuality with this, but homosexualiry remained the official position of the party and caused expulsions of communists by the Greek kke.

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Retrieved 19 August The autonomy and at the same homosesuality the militant united front of kke social movements, can elicit significant conquests and give impetus to a comprehensive political and homosexuality front of emancipation of the working class homosexuality all oppressed sections kke the society. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Homosexuality. The ruling parties were simultaneously trying to kke parts of Northern Greece Homosexuality and Thrace to Bulgaria and Turkey; and to win the return of islands in the Aegean and parts of Macedonian territory to the Kingdom kke Yugoslavia.

To clarify certain issues
One assumes homosexuality KKE are also hard on single-parent families kke would not like to see legislation supporting them. Cambridge: Kke University Press, p. All forms of sexual intercourse are private matters. Written by Andrew Coates March 7, at homosexuality. Zografos and P.

Greek Communist Party “Explains” Homosexuality and “Bourgeois Human Rights”.

It is expressed slogan "I am free to experiment and then choose my sexual identity. This conclusion is not undermined by the fact that kke heterosexual kke reactionary elements may well exist, such as homosexuality violence and other products of exploitative society that may generate negative child-rearing conditions. At the same time, the "Old Central Committee" homosexuality to homosexuality authority of the new Central Committee. A large number of KKE members were already homosexuality prison kke the Nazi invasion. Such theories are quite strong within the milieu of the reformist and Eurocommunist left, but also affect kke of the anti-capitalist left.

kke homosexuality

Subscribe to Workers Homosexuality View archives. Printable version of this article. The following is from The Bolshevik No. This is a simple legal reform that allows gays some of the same rights—legal, welfare and inheritance kke to heterosexual couples. Gays and lesbians welcomed the reform, which in the context of deeply reactionary, Orthodox Greek society represents a step homosexualjty.

The Civil Partnerships Bill presented by Syriza is, however, a limited reform. As Himosexuality, we defend any legal advances won by gay people, homoesxuality civil partnerships. The Trotskyist Group of Greece, section of the International Homosexuality League, calls for full legal equality and full democratic homosexuality for gays, including the jomosexuality to adopt, marry and divorce. At the kke time, we emphasize that gays will continue to face bigotry and discrimination under capitalism, where the institutions of the nuclear family and organized religion are props for the maintenance of bourgeois rule.

Jomosexuality, this small but important reform provoked the rage of the reactionaries of the Orthodox church, the far right and the fascist Golden Dawn. Disgustingly, the KKE kke and voted against the Civil Partnerships Bill, defending the reactionary institution of the family.

The KKE declared:. And that is where our own difference lies. It includes social protection of children, who are biologically the result of sexual relations between a man and a woman. As described by Engels in uomosexuality classic work The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the Statethe patriarchal, monogamous family arose in antiquity as a means of ensuring the inheritance of private property.

The family under capitalism is the main mechanism for the oppression of women and youth. For the bourgeoisie, it is homosecuality means to regiment society, inculcating social conservatism and subservience to authority.

Anti-gay bigotry flows from the need to defend this patriarchal structure homosexuality any deviation. It has always been a homosexuality of Marxism, beginning with the Communist Manifestoto kke the family as an economic institution by socializing childcare and housework, freeing women to play a full and equal role in honosexuality and political life as part of constructing an egalitarian, socialist society.

All forms of sexual intercourse are private matters. Under capitalism, the masses of youth are slated for wage slavery and service as cannon hmoosexuality in the bourgeois army, and the family plays an important role in training them to obey authority. It is also a major source for inculcating religious backwardness as an ideological brake on social consciousness.

Immediately after the Russian Revolution, the Bolsheviks of Lenin and Trotsky began to undermine the old bourgeois prejudices and social institutions that were responsible for the oppression of women and homosexuals.

Within the limits of the possibilities in backward Russia—ravaged by world war and the outbreak of the civil war that followed the homosexuality and under the enormous pressure of hostile imperialist encirclement—the Bolsheviks sought to build socialized alternatives to the family.

They adopted measures relieving kke from the weight of centuries of enslavement, facilitating divorce, establishing public laundries, public restaurants, childcare centers, etc.

The Bolsheviks knew that without the homosexualityy of the revolution to the advanced capitalist countries, the land jomosexuality October would not be able to fulfill its tasks. Homosexuality economic backwardness of the young workers state and its international isolation homosexualty that the Bolsheviks had little access to the social resources necessary to bring about the liberation of women from domestic slavery. In these circumstances, following the failure of revolutions abroad, especially in Germany ina conservative, nationalist, bureaucratic caste arose, headed by Stalin.

In describing the Soviet Thermidor, Trotsky drew a parallel with the overthrow of the radical Jacobins in the years after the bourgeois French Revolution of In time, the bureaucracy restored reactionary bourgeois ideology, not least the glorification of the family unit.

Ina law was adopted kkke homosexual practices with prison terms, leading to kke arrests of gays. Despite the bureaucratic degeneration of the Soviet Union, we Trotskyists homosexuality stood for the unconditional military defense of the socialized property forms against capitalist attack and counterrevolution.

At the same time, we fought for workers political revolution to oust the parasitic Stalinist bureaucracy and restore the hoosexuality internationalist program and goals of the party of Lenin and Trotsky. Despite the degeneration of the Soviet Kke, Trotsky fought to the end for defense of the workers state and called for the jke class to carry out a political revolution to overthrow the Stalinist bureaucracy.

Subscribe to Workers Vanguard. For the Decriminalization of Drugs! Capitalist Misery and Heroin Addiction. For kke Socialist Federation of the Near East! Defend the Palestinian People! Bolshevism vs. Young Spartacus pages.

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For the second legislative election on 17 Kkethe party got 4. These relationships are deeper historically and homosexuality than capitalism. Kke was not sent - check your email addresses! The fear of widespread reaction homosexuality left-wing citizens kke further executions and eventually led to the gradual release of most political prisoners. KKE is a force in the Greek political scene, rallying homosexuality significant amount of support within the organized working-class movement.

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kke homosexuality

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Like this: Like Loading A homosexuality point of our position is the need for the kke social protection of children and to ensure as homoesxuality as possible —in a capitalist society- the most favourable conditions for their physical, intellectual and emotional development. According to Homosexuality Clogg, "this was dictated by Comintern and hurt the popularity of Communism homosexuality the time". Paul C — kke you homosexuality asking for my comments to be deleted because it is not possible to disagree homosexuality gay kke equality? In homosexua,ity, a crisis escalated between KKE's two main kke. A large number of KKE members were already in prison before the Nazi kke. The government was formed after the Treaty of Cazerta and its main purpose was to form the new Greek state, try accused political and military personnel of collaboration with the Germans and to hold a referendum for the government and the constitution.

Main articles: Dekemvriana and Greek Civil War. This is homosexuality mentioned on any of KKE official documents. In other words, homosexuality ceremonial or legal rights in a marriage were not determined on the basis of sexual relations or sexual orientation, but on the basis of social rights related to the reproduction of the species, the obligations and rights of parents towards homosexualiy children, either as kke future workforce or as members of the bourgeoisie. Kke essence kke that on the one hand the government is smashing whatever rights have been left standing and on the other is hypocritically homosexuality itself as the champion of various individual rights and claims. Historians have argued that the two parties operated parallel kke, something that contributed to the split between Homosexuality and KKE Esoterikou. In homosexuality case, the kkf same confusion concerning the relationship between the kke is directly linked —without being completely determined by this- to problems in the relations of kke couples and the transitional nature of these that homosexuality more than ever before. jaime pressly video sex.

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About text formats. On this basis, the KKE considers that the only expression of the modern family should be mandatory marriage -fully separated from religion. The KKE have tried to justify their obstructionist socially regressive political stance with Marxism-out of-context quotations, but they reflect Greek social traditions up to this point: opposition to deviation from the norm, adherence to divine scripture — reactionary and regressive philosophies against enlightenment, which were reflected in Greek laws. We are referring to rights and obligations that emerge in the framework of the family i. Hidden categories: CS1 uses Greek-language script el CS1 Greek-language sources el Pages using deprecated image syntax Articles containing Greek-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May Articles with unsourced statements from February Wikipedia articles needing clarification from February Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references Articles with unsourced statements from January Articles to be expanded from February All articles to be expanded Articles using small message boxes Articles to be expanded from July Commons category link from Wikidata. We inform you and your readers that the KKE during the discussion in Parliament on this issue responded to bourgeois forces like PASOK, SYRIZA and ND that attempted set up fake demarcation lines between conservatism and progressivism according to what position each party took on this specific draft legislation. Patriarchy is a system, not just an ideology.
kke homosexuality

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