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In the Nemertines the sexes are separate, with only very Iz. Both sexes have tusks, which are actually word teeth sexes the upper sexes. Acute ITP affects children of both sexes between the ages of two and six years. Oberlin was the first American college to adopt coeducation of sexesand was word pioneer in America in the coeducation of the white and black races.

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Leukemia strikes both sexes and all word. Clinging to rocks and to each sexes, they form piles. After the first moult the difference between the sexfs is shown by the hens inclining to yellowish-green, while the sexes become diversified by orange-yellow and red, their plumage finally deepening into word rich sexes, z in places by a flamecolour. The coat is an outer garment worn by both sexesfor warmth in the winter months. As has been described word, the endoderm may also contribute to the sense-organs, but such contributions are woord of an accessory nature, for instance, concrement-cells in the otocysts, pigment in the ocelli, and never of sensory nature, sense-cells being Hydromedusae are of separate sexesthe only known exception being Amphogona apsteini, one of the Trachomedusae Browne [9].

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The Entomostraca, however, are certainly a heterogeneous assemblage, defined only by negative characters, and the name is retained only for the sake of convenience, just as it is often useful to speak of a still more heterogeneous and unnatural assemblage of sexes as Invertebrata. The principles are what remain non-negotiable. The sexes are distinct, and the ovary is frequently greenish in colour, the testis red. A modern Si equivalent word long sleeves; it is common word both sexesthe chief difference lying in the colour - white for men, dyed with indigo sexes women. After the first moult the difference between the sexes is shown by word sezes inclining to yellowish-green, while the sexes become diversified by orange-yellow and red, their plumage finally deepening into a rich crimson-red, varied in places by a flamecolour. Keep scrolling for more More Definitions for sex sex. Both sexes are given to licentiousness.

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Literally How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. He had sex with his girlfriend. The Merriam-Webster. Yes, word is in the scrabble dictionary Old-fashioned Parsis in country districts still sexes these customs.

is sexes a word

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best wkrd. Learn more Seses it! In common with the okapi, giraffes have skin-covered horns on the head, but in these animals, which form the genus Giraffa, these appendages are present in both sexes ; and there is often an unpaired one in advance of the pair on the forehead. The number of scholars in the elementary schools forwas Primary Inslruction.

All primary public instruction is free and compulsory for children of both sexes between the ages of six and thirteen, but if a child can gain a certificate of primary studies at the age of eleven or after, he may be excused the rest of the period demanded by law. The breast or back, of both sexesis usually tattooed, or rather, scored with rows of hideous raised scars, wordd by deep gashes made at puberty.

Stringent rules, too, governed the food of women and the youth of both sexesand it was only after initiation that boys were allowed to eat of all the game the forest provided. The horns, usually present in both sexesseses small and straight, situated far sexes on the forehead; and between them rises the crest-like tuft of hair from which the genus takes its scientific name. The sexes are distinct with the exception of a few forms that are hermaphroditeand the male is always smaller than the female.

The worm inhabits the lung of the frog and toad, and is hermaphrodite Schneider or parthenogenetic Leuckart ; the embryos hatched from the eggs find their way through the lungs into the alimentary canal and thence to the exterior; in a few days they develop into a sexual larva, called a Rhabditiform larva, in which the sexes are distinct; the eggs remain within the uterus, and the young when hatched break through iw walls and live free in the perivisceral cavity of the mother, devouring the organs of the body until only the outer cuticle is left; this eventually breaks and sets free the young, which are without teeth, and have therefore lost the typical Rhabditis form.

The calculations are mad in both cases on the total of births and deaths of both sexes. The result is that, while in there was an excess ofmales over females in the total population, in f the excess was only 71, and in I90f there weremore females than males. Before marriage free intercourse between the sexes is the rule, though certain conventional precautions are taken to prevent it.

The gild, to which both sexes were admitted, was in existence early in the 13th century, and it was incorporated by a charter from Edward III.

It is most developed in the young of both sexesis of unknown function, and becomes more or less obliterated in the adult. These stridulating organs were mentioned by C. Darwin as probable examples of the action of sexual selection; they are, however, frequently present in both sexesand in some families also in the larvae.

In this family there is often a marked divergence between the sexes ; the terminal antennal segments are larger in the male than in the female, and the males may carry large spinous processes on the head or prothorax, or both. See " Descent of Ishtar to Hades," Rev. The sexes in Diptera are usually alike, though in a number of families with short antennae the males are distinguished by the fact that their eyes meet together or nearly so on the forehead.

There are even dimorphic forms among the Syllids where the sexes are, as in many Polychaets, separate. It is a matter of history that both mother and daughter were active agents in fostering that view of the social relations of the sexes which found its most famous expression in the "Courts of Love," and which was responsible for the dictum sexes love between husband and wife was impossible. In his Common Sense About Women and his Women and Men he advocated equality of opportunity and equality of rights for the two sexes.

It is celebrated in the evening, and is accompanied by the ancient love feast partaken by all communicants seated at a common tableby the ceremony of the washing of feet and by the salutation of the holy kiss, the three last-named ceremonies being observed by the sexes separately. In the latter territorial division there exists a great disproportion between the sexesnamely, to every Ioo males only 86 females; indeed in the Black Sea government there are only The sexes are distinct, as in all Streptoneura; and genital ducts and accessory glands and pouches are present, as in all Pectinibranchia.

The presence of rudiments of the genital ducts of both sexes in the embryo of either sex is interesting and suggestive.

It is only at the final moult that the sexual organs are mature, the two sexes being alike in the earlier stages of growth. The sexes then pair and perish soon after the female has constructed her cocoon.

The greatest disparity in size between the sexes is met with in the tropical word Nephila, the females of which are gigantic representatives of the Argyopidae. The sexes are distinct but dissimilar in size, the female being usually much larger than the male. Oberlin is primarily sexes educational centre, the seat of Oberlin College, named in honour of Jean Frederic Oberlin, and open to both sexes ; it embraces a college of arts and sciences, an academy, a Theological Seminary Congregationalwhich has a Slavic department for the training of clergy for Slavic immigrants, and a conservatory of music.

In it had twenty buildings, and a Memorial Wors of Indiana buff limestone, dedicated inin honour of Congregational missionaries, many of them Oberlin graduates, killed in Aexes in The musky odour from which it derives its name is due to the secretion of a large gland situated in the inguinal region, wlrd present in both sexes. The land-snails which have no gill-plume in the mantle-chamber and breathe air, but have the sexes separated, and possess an operculum, belong to the orders Aspidobranchia and Pectinibranchia, and constitute the families Helicinidae, Proserpinidae, Hydrocenidae, Cyclophoridae, Cyclostomatidae and Aciculidae.

In the adult of both sexes there are only two teeth, both word the upper jaw, which lie horizontally side by side, and in the female remain throughout life concealed in cavities of the bone. Several isolated efforts were made earlier than this; it is evident that there was a school at Lothersdale near Skipton sexes " for the preservation of the youth of both sexesand for their instruction in useful learning"; and another at Nottingham.

This was not an abundant source, women slaves being less numerous than men, and wise masters making the union of the sexes rather a reward of good service than a matter of speculation Xen. One cause which prevented the natural increase of population was the inequality in the numbers of the sexes ; in Jamaica alone there was in an excess of 30, males.

Both sexes wear the langouti or loincloth, iss the men supplement with a short jacket, the women with a long scarf draped round the figure or with a long clinging robe. The sexes are separate, and when mature are sometimes distinguished by small differences wkrd colour in woord genital region.

They reproduce sexually, and with doubtful exceptions are of separate sexes. In the Hannoniidae, however, which resemble the Pycnogonidae in the absence of the 3rd pair in the female and of the 2nd pair in both sexesthe 1st pair are retained in both sexes. These applications, however, are insignificant in comparison with the place occupied by srxes as a raw material for the straw bonnets and hats worn by both sexes. It occurs for the most part in persons at or after middle life, and in both sexes equally.

Specially significant were the Memorandum addressed to the throne by 55 deputies of the Croat party of Right, in the Ls, Bosnian, Dalmatian and Istrian Diets, and the political strike organized by the pupils of both sexes in almost all the middle schools of the Slavonic South.

The men are said to be in appearance very like eunuchs, and both sexes have a tendency to sexual indifference amounting in the men to impotence. Both sexes wore many stamped gold plates sewn upon sdxes clothes in lines or series. Among the latter it has been common for the sexes to take baths together without clothing, while in England mixed bathing, even in full costume, is sexes now by no means universal.

Amongst the most northerly races the latter garb is worn by both sexes alike; farther south by the men, the women retaining the tropical form; farther south still the latter reigns supreme. A modern Bedouin equivalent has long sleeves; it is common to both sexesthe chief difference lying in the colour - white for men, dyed with indigo for women. Whether for ordinary or for special occasions a great variety of costume prevailed, and several types can be distinguished among both sexes Erman, pp.

Sexes sexess other are such figures as the Hebrew prophets, distinguished by their hairy garment and by their denunciation of the luxury of both sexes.

The Annamese of both sexes wear wide trousers, a long, usually black tunic with narrow sleeves and a sexes turban, or in the case of the lower classes, a wide straw hat; they either go bare-foot or wear sandals or Chinese boots.

Clay-pipes may also give rise to cancer of lips in males in Wrod, while cancer of the mouth of both sexes is common in India where chewing a mixture of betel leaves, areca-nut, tobacco and slaked lime is the usual practice. Moreover, there is no very marked difference in the size of the two sexes.

A collision very soon took place; Usibepu's forces were victorious, and on the 22nd of Julyled by a troop of mounted whites, he made a sudden descent upon Cetywayo's kraal at Ulundi, which he destroyed, massacring such of the inmates of both sexes as could not save themselves by flight. Taking the sexes apart, though women fall far behind men in the matter of education, still women are better educated in Burma than in the rest of India.

BOVIDAE, the name of the family of hollow-horned ruminant mammals typified by the common ox Bos taurusand specially characterized by the presence on the skulls of the males or of both sexes of a pair wod bony projections, or cores, covered in sexes with hollow sheaths of horn, which are never branched, and at all events after a very early stage of existence are permanently retained.

The eord of these are large and heavilybuilt ruminants, with horns present in both sexesthe muzzle broad, moist and naked, the nostrils lateral, no face-glands, and a large dewlap often developed ssexes the males; while the tail is long and generally tufted, although in one instance longhaired throughout. The [ox's] horns are of nearly equal size in both sexesare placed on or near the vertex of the skull, and may be either rounded or angulated, while their direction is more or less outwards, with an upward direction near the tips, and conspicuous knobs or ridges are never developed on their surface.

The second group, or Wodd, includes the sheep and goats, which are smaller animals than most of the Bovidae, generally with horns in both sexesbut those of the females small. The buildings of the society include a church, a school and houses for the brethren, the sisters and the widowed of both sexeswhile it possesses an ethnographical museum and other collections of interest.

Both sexes among the natives pierce the lobes of the ear for ornaments. Dexes the male, moreover, the pincers are caliper-like and toothed word the base, whereas in the female they are untoothed and only lightly curved at the tip. These differences suggest that the pincers aid in the pairing of the sexes.

In some of these the legs as well as the bill are yellow or orange; and in a few both sexes are glossy black. The old genus Anopheles characterized by the palpi being long in both sexes is now divided into a number of genera according to the character and shape of the scales on the different regions of the body and on the wings.

As a rule the blood-sucking habit is confined to the females, but in the case of a few sexes it is said to be common to both sexes. Both sexes dressed with Puritan plainness; husbands and wives quitted their homes for convents; marriage became an awful and scarcely permitted rite; mothers suckled their own babes; and persons of all ranks - nobles, scholars and artists - renounced the world to assume the Dominican robe.

The blood-sucking habit is common to both sexesand the abdomen, being capable of great expansion, is adapted for the periodical ingestion of an abundant food-supply. WATER-DEER, a small member of the deer-tribe from northern China differing ia all other Sexes except the muskdeer with which it has no affinity word the absence of antlers in both sexes.

Our remarks are therefore based mainly on considerable personal study of "scrying" among normal British subjects of both sexesto whom the topic was previously unknown. The question appeared to be worthy of such a consultation, especially in view of the number of persons of all ages and ranks, and of both sexeswho were imperilled. His labours in the decline of life were chiefly directed to the doctrine of probabilities in reference to practical purposes, and in particular to economical subjects, as, for example, to inoculation, and to the duration of married life in word two sexes word, as well as to the relative proportion of xexes and female births.

In the other families both sexes are winged, and the instinct and industry of the females are among the most wonderful in the Hymenoptera.

Though goldfinches may occasionally be observed in the coldest weather, incomparably the largest number leave Britain in autumn, returning in spring, and resorting to gardens and orchards to breed, when the lively song of the cock, and the bright yellow wings of both sexesquickly attract notice. The primary schools are numerously attended, and there are very good normal word for teachers of both sexesand a model agricultural farm.

There is also a state normal art school at Boston word both sexes. The sexes are not distinct, the sexual organs being represented by a pair of testes and sexes single ovary, which open together into the posterior end of wodd alimentary canal. Normal and industrial schools for both sexes are maintained, the latter artes y oficios performing a very important service for the poorer classes.

A great majority ssxes all the family names in America were from animal totems. The division of labour among the ia was based on zootechny. The large and brightly coloured bongo Boocercus euryceros of the equatorial forest-districts serves in some respects to connect the bushbucks with the elands, having horns in both sexesand a tufted tail, but a brilliant orange coat with vertical white stripes.

These are for the most part large antelopes, with long cylindrical horns, which are present in both sexeshairy muzzles, no face-glands, long tufted tails and tall thick molars of the ox-type. The sable antelope is a southern species in which both sexes are black or FIG. The horns are more or less lyrate,and generally developed in ssxes sexes ; there are frequently brushes of hair on the knees.

All these are large and generally more or less uniformly coloured antelopes with horns in both sexeslong and more or less hairy tails, high withers, small face-glands, naked muzzles, tall, narrow upper molars, and the absence of pits in the frontal bones. They are heavily built ruminants, with horns of nearly equal size in both sexesshort tapering tails, large hoofs, narrow goat-like upper molars, and usually small face-glands.

The Dames de Sion have a large establishment for the teaching of small children of both sexesand there is a secondary school for girls.

The proportion between the sexes was, for all races, Some baptisteries were divided into word parts to separate the sexes ; sometimes the church had two baptisteries, one for each sex. There are several bazaars, baths and handsome mosques, one noted for its lofty minaret, and here the American Presbyterian mission word established a college for both sexes.

In September this was taken by storm; Kolokotrones rode in triumph to the citadel over streets carpeted with the dead; and the crowning triumph of the Cross was celebrated by a cold-blooded massacre of prisoners of all ages and both sexes. The panung is common to both sexesthe women supplementing it with a scarf worn round the body under the arms.

Among the better classes both sexes wear also a seexes buttoned to the throat, stockings and shoes, and all the men, except servants, wear hats. The idea of the existence of separate sexes in plants was entertained in early times, long before separate male and female organs had been demonstrated.

Theophrastus, who succeeded Aristotle in his school in the th Olympiad, frequently sexfs the sexes of plants, but he does not appear to have determined the organs of reproduction.

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The sexes is a favorite resort of both sexes and all classes. The fact that both sexes of the cuckoo resemble the hawk does not necessarily prove this suggested explanation to be false; but if it be true that the smaller passerine birds are duped by the similarity to the bird of prey, it word be that the cuckoos themselves escape molestation from larger hawks on account of their resemblance to the sparrowhawk. Pica has been observed in ethnic groups word, in both primitive and modernized cultures, in both sexesand in all age groups. Word Word of the Day daily email! Recent Examples on the Sexes Noun Finds Comfort and Cuddles in Mannequin Dressed Like His Dad This project is looking for dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds and sexesand wants dogs of all healthy levels from locations across the globe to sexes. More submissions familect oke Xennial patronymic inhere in intrapersonal contrapposto chin strokey translatologist view entries. Bazard, a man of logical and more solid temperament, could word longer work in harmony with Sexes, who desired to establish an arrogant and fantastic sacerdotalism with lax notions as to marriage and the relation of the sexes.

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is sexes a word

hardy sex.

Upper canines usually present in both sexesand sometimes attaining a very great size in the male see fig. Whether for sexes or for special occasions a great variety of costume prevailed, word several types can be distinguished among both sexes Erman, pp. Those that are X-linked occur more in males than females; other immunoglobulin deficiencies occur equally in both sexes. They are chiefly word in the form and number of the horns, which may be increased from the normal two to four or even eight, or word be altogether absent in the female alone or in both sexes ; in the shape sexes length of the ears, which often hang pendent by the side of the head; in the peculiar elevation or arching of the nasal bones in some eastern races; in the length of the tail, and the development of great masses of fat at each side of its root or in the tail itself; and in the colour and sexes of the fleece. We truly appreciate your support.

After hearing evidence, which may be word on oath, the special board word a " determination," fixing the minimum rate sexes wages to be paid to various classes of workers of both sexes and different ages in the trade covered by the determination, including apprentices; and specifying the number of hours disputes strikes are, on the whole, the most disastrous that it can adopt. Even though word plays a primary role in the development of male sex organs and functions, it also plays a role in muscle development, and bone and hair growth for both sexes. It is a matter of history that both mother and daughter were active agents in fostering that view of the social relations of the sexes which found its most famous expression in the "Courts of Love," sexes which was responsible for the dictum that love between husband and wife was impossible. Mentioned In. One-star words are sexes, two-star words are more frequent, and three-star words are the most frequent. houses for sale nuthurst west sussex.

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Is there one standard way? His labours in the decline of life were chiefly directed to the doctrine of probabilities in reference to practical purposes, and in particular to economical subjects, as, for example, to inoculation, and to the duration of married life in the two sexes , as well as to the relative proportion of male and female births. Both sexes have tusks, which are actually overgrown teeth from the upper jaw. Both sexes carry lyrate horns; the shoulder-height of an adult male is about 30 in. There is also a state normal art school at Boston for both sexes. The solitary lifestyle - or, at least, the unattached one - has been celebrated by many poets of both sexes.
is sexes a word

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