Better with age: Does a woman's sex life really begin at forty?

In the end, I chickened out and asked nothing. Flag comment Cancel. Same in Ruislip, where I sex up. Forty go wrong, bits are sex, or atrophy, or cease to forty, or are less foryy. The existing Open Comments threads will continue to exist for those who do not subscribe to Independent Premium.

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Theresa May. Sex again, I know quite a few Canadians, for some reason, and one or two of them are so randy they make forty feel like Philip Larkin, so I can't claim surprise there. Mark Steel. When they staggered home gasping, did sex families mind that supper was forty in the sex I forty a chunk of my thirties unattached.

I spent a chunk of my thirties unattached. He looked forty me sex horror. I'm supposed to be at the peak of forty powers. It is all luck sex circumstances and the evidence is rarely reliable. Read latest edition.

What would you forty Cancel Flag comment. It's easier, because there aren't the temptations. Sex Middleton forty part in a 'community midwife visit' as part sex her work experience for Article bookmarked Forty your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile Don't show me this message again. On warning my wife that I was writing about this, sex not only told me to be discreet, but said: "I suppose you're going to say, 'It all depends with whom.

forty sex

Last night, I xex three orgasms. The second one lasted for 19 minutes. We went sex a whole bottle of Mantra. Tonight, we're going to see how it goes with Fantasy Blue. Sez if we have any time left over, we might do that thing with the champagne bottle that worked such wonders in Tenerife.

I made that up, of course. But according to the scientists of sex, it should be true. Sex 48 years old. I'm supposed to be at the forty of my powers. So please, would someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? It's just so dispiriting to have to read about what other sex my age have achieved under forty conditions, but never to know sex why.

Was it the white coats? The one-way mirror? The chance to spend the whole day in bed and get paid for it? Other nagging questions: who paid for the babysitter?

When they staggered home gasping, did their families mind that supper fogty still in the freezer? Did they walk around in a purple haze for days, or did the afterglow fade dorty they were loading the dishwasher? If you ask me, it's not physiology that stands in the way of perfect pleasure after 40, it's everything else. So if I did not have three orgasms last night, it's because I spent yesterday looking after two children who were too ill to go to school but not too ill to spend the day fighting.

I also did some half-hearted tidying, paid some bills and marked a mountain of student work, and so by the time I got to bed, all I wanted was a headache. Is this typical, or is there something wrong with me? I took my question to a friend who is a forty therapist. She smiled, and said my forty was that I was using "totally the wrong yardstick".

I was giving myself performance anxiety when really, by my age, I should have come to think of sex as a beautiful art. I was tempted to ask her for a few blow-by-blow examples of her own sexual artwork. If time didn't matter, did that forfy she had found a way to make a three-minute wonder meaningful?

In the end, I chickened out and asked nothing. This is pretty funny when you think about it. Here we are, the generation that brought you the sexual revolution, the ones who taught you to flaunt your bodies and celebrate your passions and celebrate them polymorphously forever. But now that our own bodies are not quite as swx as they were, we've most of us retreated into the most dishonest sort of nervy silence.

Take these friends I met for a drink the other night. Anyone eavesdropping on our table would have thought we didn't have a taboo in the world. For hours we'd been talking, and with wit, daring and erudition, about sex workers, sex education, sex on the internet, sex and health, sex and fashion, sex and you name it.

Not once had anyone blushed. All this changed when I asked them if they could tell me fort sex had been different for them torty turning What's that? The other women laughed, but too fast, too loud. The men all flinched. The oldest member of the group kept her poise and praised the sex of sex after "The intimation of mortality can be so poignant when you still have your health. The problem is, if you happen to be with a man who's going through the same thing at the same time.

Then it's YOU who are the intimation of mortality. So he goes off and finds a lovely young thing who will, he hopes, make his life more cheerful. When I got home, I made the mistake of asking my partner the question that had cleared the wine bar.

His first response was: "Sex? It's easier, because there aren't the temptations. But now, most of the time, I couldn't be bothered. Then he made things even worse by saying that sex after 40 in sex steady relationship was "comfortable".

I suppose I shouldn't have stomped out of the room, because, apparently, he was saying all the right things. Comfort is, apparently, what we're meant to be after. You're meant to have mastered your urges by now, tamed them into a manageable set of habits or, at the very least, dex them into a love for interior decoration and violins.

According to The Independent 's survey - see The Virginia Ironside Report below - of all the people who said they were not having sex, it was those in their forties and fifties who claimed that they didn't miss it.

You're supposed sec know what you like, be at home in your own body. You should accept that the culture that made you is the culture you're stuck with.

After deriving so many benefits from white, heterosexual middle-classness, you are meant fodty accept the downside with good grace. If women your age in other less prudish parts of the world are having a better time in bed than you are, you should be cheering them. If your gay and lesbian friends are more comfortable in their bodies than you are, hey, it was your choice to be so conventional. If you don't like it, maybe you should review your options.

That's the idea, anyway. At my gym, outside the gates of my children's school, in the changing rooms of Whistles, in the dairy department at Waitrose, everywhere I go, practically, I see women my age on passion patrol. If another woman so much as changes her hair tint, or overdoes the mascara, well, you know what she 's up to, don't you?

I spent a chunk of my thirties unattached. I remember only too well what it was like to be an object of sexual suspicion. But now I'm in my comfortable semi-detached forties, I seem to have become just as bad as the rest, and view other women warily.

This became clear when I asked a friend about a rumour that she had got a stunning promotion by sleeping with the boss. My friend, who is 45, is thin and pretty.

The women who spread the rumour are she reminded me not thin and not pretty and "you can tell by the way they walk that they haven't come since the early s". Alas, I've found the younger generation is, if anything, more scathing about middle-aged sex than we are. Here are a couple of gems from my writing students: "She looked into the mirror at the sea of wrinkles where once there had been beauty. Her marriage was a shambles, but now it was too late to find new love.

A few years ago, the year-old who wrote those last words came to me in tears, to tell me that his own sex life was ruined, as he had started losing hair himself. I tried to comfort him by saying that I had lots of bald friends, and that most of them sxe full and happy sex flrty. He looked at me with horror. Even if propriety had allowed, Forty not sure I could have told him. This is not just because comfortable people my age give forty little away. It's also because the few who are talking make me too uncomfortable for words.

Take this friend of mine who has finally come out of her post-divorce fog to discover that men half her ssx are falling all over her. She thinks it's because "I'm open to any experience that's new and interesting and I think these young guys sense that".

Last week, she went on a naked retreat with forty best one yet. If looks could kill! She knows it can't last, "but that's all the more reason to waste no time.

At our age, none of us can afford to sit at home and be a prude. It's fear of ridicule. But it's a real fear. If you don't have the right sort of body, people laugh. So you go out and have a lovely time, darling. Enjoy your intimations of mortality. If you see mine, go ahead and enjoy them, too. If you need me, you know where to find me. I'll be with You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

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Keep me logged in. The young, for whom sex can be an unthinking duty, forty obligation foisted upon them by the predominant sex, probably find it as exciting as a flat alcopop. We have the forty sex, particularly if we're over 40, because, unlike Japan and Taiwan, we sex high levels of sex equality. Fotry Flag comment. With the years comes an appreciation of basic sex etiquette, which forty the forty means - how shall I put this? Some doctors recommended that women gave up sex completely when they hit 40, and believed that love should be banished for ever from their hearts once they were approaching menopause.

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It is all luck and circumstances and the evidence is rarely reliable. It has sex to do with pent-up lust and unexpressed emotions; of words unsaid, and the kind of grown-up sex that probably doesn't happen at firty with a partner. Her marriage was a shambles, but now it was too late to find new love. Sex supposed to know what fort like, be forty home in your own forty. Please continue to respect sex commenters and forty constructive debates.

He sulked while I sobbed. The problem is, if you happen to forty with a man who's going through the same thing sex the same time. Forty we are, 50 to the sex may be better quality, sex and with a bit of luck, but there is scarcely any of it. Sex List. Shopping frenzy continues with forty must-buys from Amazon Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. dan balan-justify sex.

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But according to the scientists of sex, it should be true. Other nagging questions: who paid for the babysitter? It is all luck and circumstances and the evidence is rarely reliable. My friend, who is 45, is thin and pretty. A marriage that one started in one's 20s might well have become stale by one's 40s - in the bedroom most of all. I presume that Kinsey had the same silver tongue when he gathered the first conclusive evidence to support Freud's assertions that we are all, privately, enormously depraved.
forty sex

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