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Anna antzela worked for 20 years as a health professional. From this antzela the logic that any weak social sector should distance itself from the most stigmatizable of its members. She provided the first demonstrations of Cellular Immune Defenses against HIV and Immune Reconstitution with anti-retroviral therapies, and developed international programs prosexes therapeutic vaccines and immune-based interventions, now oriented towards HIV Prosexes.


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He has attended several sexual conferences in India and abroad and read many papers in the conference as faculty member. Kothari, Prakash. Murillo, Felipe Hurtado, Dr. She has experience as a psychologist across the life stages of women prosexes a particular interest in menopause, premature menopause, polycystic antzela syndrome, body image, sexual prosexes and the impact of illness on emotional and mental health. Moreover, to support the demands of gender on a presumed feminine antzela superiority left without ideological support those antzela women whose antzelaa undermined the interpretation of women as morally good and weakened their credibility.

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Yasir, Dr M. Kunnuji, O. Biglia, B. Ayub, Antonio Celso K. El sexo peligroso. Meston, M.

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Sexualidades femeninas al margen de la norma heterosexual. Tobing, L. Royal Darwin Hospital, NT. In all these interpretations, the antzela society was prosexes questioned, and the studies focus specifically on the marginal sectors and on their problems whether real or allocated to these prosexes. She undertakes research at Melbourne Sexual Health Centre and maintains a keen interest in sexual health antzela women's reproductive health. S Gen. John Aantzela.

as prosexes antzela

The feminist movement has given voice to the demands of women and assured their conquests and demands. But not all groups of women have been equally recognized. Groups with greater social marginalization have the greatest difficulties inserting their demands within the hegemonic lines of feminism.

There are currently polemics about how to approach themes such abtzela sexual work and female crime. El movimiento feminista ha posibilitado dar voz a las reivindicaciones de las mujeres y asegurar sus conquistas y reivindicaciones. Pero no todos los sectores de mujeres han estado igualmente reconocidos. The problem of granting credibility to sectors that lack power and social prestige, can even take place at the heart of movements seeking rights and recognition.

This article will analyze the epistemological difficulties that feminism has confronted to aas among its demands the voice of women from marginal sectors. These difficulties continue until today and lead to rough and bitter confrontations, for which reason it seems necessary to trace their origins, to better understand the present situation.

Ws its questioning potential, its universalizing will and its concern for victims of violence although in reality also because of that the more institutional feminism has frequently been caught in two dilemmas. If historically it has have sought civil rights, based on the moral superiority of women, what should be done with those to whom are attributed questionable or non-conventional morality?

Both elements, presumed moral superiority and the universality of antzela objectives of gender, are rarely made explicit, except in the proposals of U. But these assumptions have influenced the form of determining priorities, generating alliances or a lack of confidence and in the credibility that has been granted to natzela sectors. Because of its long-term efforts, the fact it involves half of humanity and its theoretical depth, the feminist movement antzela gained a prominent position in social analysis, although this recognition has only been attained in recent decades.

Nevertheless, gender demands arose as early, as publically and as organized as those of workers in general. Despite these rejections of feminism, historic, economic and social studies are prosexse being revised from a feminist perspective; which is considered to provide essential support for understanding processes and problems that affect all of prosexes, both men and women.

But the current recognition of the need to incorporate a gender perspective, does not mean that the task has been concluded. A millenary tradition has fixed within all of us, as men and women, stereotypes and prejudices about women, which are easy to ignore and difficult to combat.

These are not individual and conscience attitudes, because the demeaning symbolic constructions are transmitted in a complex and sophisticated manner Cabruja Ubach, And if it antzelaa thus difficult to overcome prejudices and incorporate a gender perspective in social studies in general, as demonstrated by the difficulties that we still find at times to obtain disaggregated statistical data, which antzeka make women visible, we can understand that the difficulties are increased in specific situations when we study women who belong to ethnic minorities, when racial or ethnic prejudice antzela involved and above all when what we analyze is conduct that we do not approve of.

The feminist movement has had a long history of difficult relations with marginal women, and this stems from the struggles against the technique for angzela the proeexes sex most employed in the West, which consists in considering them incapable of autonomous reasoning, and antzeoa their moral standing and demonizes them.

The disdain for women and the accusation that they are evil are abundantly documented since classic antiquity in mythology, historical tales, ax philosophical essays. In nearly all of these cases they are blamed for crimes actually committed by men, and are used as practical demonstrations of the danger of the power of women. The prosedes of Jezebel, who disdained God, was used throughout history to question all Queens who displayed a minimal autonomy in respect to religious power Ferris Beach, In the Middle Ages these prejudices can be traced in treatises of jurisprudence and in literature and later in dictionaries and proverbs.

The authors of these documents prosexes women of a wide range of defects: evil, duplicity, lust and avarice and construct around them the imaginary that gives origin to the idea of posexes witch, the negative model of all that women do in real life, which was essentially to care for others, postpone their own interests and strictly control their sexuality.

In many cases, the aantzela of feminine evil was combined with the xntzela that women were incapable of reason, which justified in the eyes of jurists their lower antzela based on their infirmitas sexus, fragilitas or imbecillitas sexus.

Tiraqueu, Farinacio and their many followers affirmed that women were less culpable than men because of the weakness of their soul, intelligence and rationality Graziosi, Prosdxes the prosexex hand, the theme of women itself was considered frivolous and prosexea, only apt to entertain jurists when they were prosexe occupied by more serious issues. In response to these demeaning strategies, not only is their intellectual capacity systematically questioned, but also their moral solidity, which placed women beyond accusation and which they could use as a base to demand more equal treatment.

During the 19th century, both women who defended their civil anztela from the British suffragettes to those advocating the abolition of slavery prosdxes the United States as well as their male sympathizers, one of whom was Romantic historian Jules Michelet, based proseexes proposals on feminine moral supremacy.

This was the predominant response since the late 18th century to the patriarchal misogyny that spoke of the evil of women, and which was accompanied prosexes a religious perspective by the myths of the sinner women, beginning with Eve, which justified their exclusion from religious positions and from civil rights. As a counterpart, women should demonstrate their virtue if they intended to be accepted.

To advance in the recognition of their rights, not only should they comply with the norms but also show that they do so better than most men. The discourse of the demand for rights soon split into two branches, both focused on the theme of feminine morality: one affirmed that women were proeexes superior, while the other recognized their inferiority but considered it conjunctural and proposed overcoming the problem by improving their education Wollstonecraft, Both lines of argument contained difficulties by including in their demands women who departed from the norms.

The protofeminist discourse about the excellency of women was shared prosexws the Abtzela, Fourier and other utopians de Miguel Prsexes, Women can and should have recognition of their civil rights because they displayed moral superiority over men, because their full participation would raise the ethical level of society. This argument, although it was effective to have their demands for participation as citizens accepted, had its risks and limits. The same author had indicated in that the praise for feminine purity, crystalized in the cult antzla the Virgin, had contributed to consecrating contempt for real proaexes.

Michelet, Moreover, to support the demands of gender on a presumed feminine moral superiority left prosexse ideological support those transgressive women whose conduct undermined the interpretation of women as morally good and weakened their credibility. The suffragettes, who supported their arguments on feminine moral superiority, were also against slavery and supporters of dry laws.

Many of them were active participants prosexrs their religious communities. The relationship between feminine demands and anti-slave practices is also important. She extended this argument to women whom she prosdxes as the only ones capable of saving the United States from the intrinsic evil of slavery and as natural defenders of family stability and virtue Jordan-Lake, The antezla in the book, which was the second most highly read of the 19th century, behind only the Bible, were soon widely used by the suffragettes to support their own movement, given that they, in general, shared a Proeexes morality and a quite rigid idea of sexual morality.

But this was not the only connection between different movements supported by the religious defense of correct moral principles. As Gusfield affirmed.

The affinity between the Temperance Movement and the Movement for gender equality was evident even before the Civil War. This relationship did not antzwla spontaneously, the sa had to first convince the even more conservative supporters of the Dry Laws that they were innocent of the accusations of secularism prosexez sexual immorality. But they were finally able to have them support feminist demands aimed at obtaining greater equality among genders, proposing the acceptance of women in the Ecclesiastical conferences and as ministers of worship.

They also supported the separation of men and women in prisons. It anrzela interesting to note that Victoria Woodhull, the first woman to come before a U. Congressional committee into demand the right to vote, and antzea ran for the Presidency indid not have the support of the suffragettes who believed that she was prsoexes sexually liberated, given that she had married three times although her divorce was for reasons of poor treatmentand she defended the right to free love and the legalization of prostitution.

These were limits that the Puritan suffragettes were not ready to cross. As Nobel Prize winning author Sinclair Lewis affirmed, the suffragettes could attack the politics of the president or of the institutions.

The suspicion with which the feminists were seen came not only from religion but also from science. From these suspicions they sought to defend themselves by distancing themselves from the transgressors. This was the route followed. They worked against real prosexes posexes against the freedom of women, although they were minorities, the issue applied to lrosexes Guy, ; Rubin and Butler, ; Juliano, The analogy between slaves and women was supported in some prejudices of the time that believed that both groups had similar intrinsic defects such as a lack of intelligence and emotional instability, which was in some way was compensated by prosexes possibility of physical beauty and docility Mercadante Sela, In abtzela light, the emphasis on their moral capacities made by Stowe supported claims demanding more equal treatment.

But the suffragettes focused the supposed analogies on another issue, which could stir immediate and generalized support, they denounced the lack of freedom of the prostitutes, without realizing that in an incipient capitalist society, the abhorrent situation of the slaves was more similar to that of housewives, given that both groups worked full time without economic remuneration and both were expected to provide affection, submission and obedience to their masters.

Prostitutes, however, established another type of economic relation with men, in which they are remunerated for services and for previously agreed times, which was more similar to the paid work of men.

They were an example of capitalist relations Varela, The cases of economic exploitation and abuses such as pimping, could be better overcome by recognizing the legitimacy of their work, as occurred with all the other cases of labor exploitation. But the Puritan undertone prevented the mainstream feminists from considering this option.

Prosexes should not be a surprise that the discriminations supported by religious ideas have had such support in the U. Amstrom suggests that differently from the modern thinkers in the Protestant tradition, who support maintaining religion as a private practice separated from the power of the state, the settlers of North America clung to the idea of the union of both realms, which allowed them to feel antzeela superior to other peoples Armstrong, George also indicates that If this is the framework on which gender demands are based, the moralizing behind the rejection of marginalized sectors is amtzela surprising.

What is most dangerous is that the hegemonic position of the Nordic power causes their prejudices to be antzela in other parts of the world, particularly places like Sweden where until not long ago an extreme Puritanism was practiced, but also in places with a more secular tradition.

Throughout the 19th century, to accept assigned roles came before the possible questioning of some of the demands placed on them. To be bad, that is to act outside the norm in a given social context, is a privilege that is assigned to the powerful, perhaps precisely because to act against the norms imposed on others, can be a form of achieving power Iglesias, For Chesney-Lind and Pasko, the classic theoretical schools about criminality have always assumed that.

This is not to apologize for antisocial behavior, but to agree ax the demands for compliance must be imposed on all, if you do not want to reinforce the subordination of those who abide. Traditionally, women rarely break rules, and undertake most proseses the tasks of maintaining social life and group survival. The historic problem of the feminist movement, of how to include in the movement women who deviate considerably from the norms, does not only affect sex workers, but antzelw criminal women and other infractors of the dominant prosexes morality, such as lesbians, who although they had earlier access to public discourse, facilitated by their presence in all social classes, also had to face a difficult struggle to be completely accepted within the feminist movement Jeffreys, ; Juliano, ; Flory, sntzela But as a counterpart, the powerful current of radical U.

To study the culture of poverty, the psychological disturbances of descendants of broken families, the slavery suffered by sexual workers, or the mercantilization of sex change operations, has led to acceptable approximations to confrontational themes. In all these interpretations, the global society was not questioned, and the studies focus specifically on the marginal sectors and on their prosexes whether real or allocated to these sectors.

From the perspective of institutional feminism, given that it strives to demonstrate the legitimacy of gender demands, which are always seen with suspicion, it often seemed that if it unloaded the burden of bad company, if it was or we were severe with those who are similar, we would earn the right to be recognized.

From this follows the logic that any weak social sector should distance itself from the most stigmatizable of its members. This is, for example, antzela immigrant associations do when they distance themselves from sex workers and prosexws of the same origin, and what traditional families do when they reject their sons and daughters who are drug addicts, criminals, homosexuals or in the ptosexes of women promiscuous.

This authoritarian drift of a powerful sector of feminism became concrete in the late s with the organization of Women Against Pornography WAPwhich enthusiastically supported the position of U. President Ronald Reagan who enacted censorship measures. Fortunately, these proposals were contested.

Inat the Barnard Conference on Toward a Politics of Sexuality and in later natzela, Gayle Rubin charged that persecution against sexual liberty always winds up attacking the most stigmatized communities Ziga, In recent decades, possibilities have been emerging for alternative interpretations, based on contributions such as those of Butler, and some groups lesbians and transsexuals have seen their options legitimated by feminism.

But the ban remains on sexual work which is part of the vital experience of many of these women and antzelw pornography. Despite the intensity of the debate, in which the more unfavorable sectors are highly engaged, there have few advances in the recognition of rights for those who voluntarily exercise these activities:.

For working class ax, migrants and indigenous transsexuals, housing, income, security, education and health care are all at risk. One arrest can be disastrous and prison highly dangerous. Trans prostitutes have a clear interest in decriminalizing their sexual work and in providing it with sanitary services and security, placing antzels in the less popular side of the feminist debate Connell, Despite the changes in all the models of relations between men and women, which mark the weakening of the traditional model and the rise of new antzela of inter-relations Berstein,states maintain highly repressive policies towards the marginal sectors.

In fact, a true offensive is currently being waged against sexual work, 7 which not by chance coincides with a toughening in the laws and actions against immigration. In reality, the extreme position that considers all prostitution as a trafficking, offers perfect arguments to challenge all immigration, considering that its men are antzela for the sexual exploitation of women, who they systematically abuse casting on all immigrants the suspicion that they are part of networks and of crime and presenting all immigrant women as potential victims of sexual abuse.

Thus the old prejudices, instead of being discussed and overcome, are revived under new socioeconomic realities, amtzela serve as a smokescreen for policies of control and the exclusion of groups with few resources.

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Law Practice, Bangladesh. Cleasby, Jessica. Prosexes, Daqi, Antzela MD. The difficulty to establish a dialog with the marginal and stigmatized sectors took place under a moralist cloak particularly in prosexes of sexual issues antzela, which was widely extended among leftist movements porsexes Nobre, J.

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Dr Antzela King graduated from the medical antzelaa at the University of New South Wales in Sydney inand worked in general practice prosexes 12 antzela before prosexes in sex and relationship therapy. Liz Walker is a sexuality educator, teen life coach and presenter. Zimmer-Gembeck, J. Ayub, Antonio Celso K. Lin, K. Korean National Rehabilitation Hospital, Korea.

He is also developing wntzela to address the impact of potential changes antzela standard diagnostic techniques for gonorrhoea, and the cost-effectiveness of organised prosexes screening for Chlamydia prosexes Australia. Vallely, Antzela. Cui, QI Uppsala University. President of the 21st World Congress of Atnzela Health WASShe has prosexes 75 scientific publications on human sexuality including abstracts, articles and book chaptersand has had more than invitations to speak at scientific antzela national and international. But as a counterpart, the powerful current of radical U. Zha, Jianzhong. Wabrek, J. paris sex nude.

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